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If you are unhappy with your face, learn how to read what it's trying to tell you. Four Thousand Years of studying and practice have gone into the creation of this book.

Nothing is random; every pimple, scar, mole, wrinkle, line, freckle or spot on your face is TELLING YOU SOMETHING! The energy in a certain part of your body is weak. Once you know what your face is telling you, YOU CAN START TAKING ACTION!

STOP Spending your Money on creams and pills! Learn how to get rid of acne, get rid of wrinkles, get rid of those dark circles and moles - and do it NATURALLY!

You know how dreadful you look after not sleeping for days...wrinkles, bags under your eyes, stuff starts sagging. And then the next day, after a great night’s rest, your back to beautiful, bags and wrinkles are GONE! This PROVES that bags, and wrinkles and temporary. The only thing is, only if you STOP the CAUSE.

Most people create dirty habits that accelerate “aging” of the face and body...They keep doing the same things everyday and so the conditions never go away and eventually get worse and worse…the same with moles, warts, skin spots, gray hair, and hair loss. These are just SYMPTOMS.

This groundbreaking book helps you figure out the real causes so you can actually do something about it!
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